About us


Passions are the most powerful and the most mystical part of the human being. The only part of the personality given to us primarily at birth, which we strive to meet and tame for a lifetime.


With decades of experience in the hospitality industry under our belts, our team gained ан unrivaled knowledge of how to master your primal passions. We do not want to numb your senses with psychedelic interior. Instead, enjoy the restaurant’s clean, harmonious lines and clear, passionate colors that awaken the desire, after the idea of our ​​architect Ana Mrđenović.


In the midst of whiteness find the stylish, red and turquoise accents and nets - essential detail that symbolizes the play between Id and Super-Ego, which are intertwined and in a constant struggle for power. These nets are incorporated in design of tables and lamps and are the omnipresent motif of the interior and logo, which symbolically reveals the true Id shining through a network of norms imposed by Super-Ego. We will animate your imagination and give you an unexpected feeling that you are protected and free, not needing to pretend that you are a Super-Ego. The doll that greets guests at the entrance to the toilet is modest and prude on one side and openly provocative on the other and it addresses both parts of your personality. Because, here you are the king and we meet your desires without judgment.

Owners duo of Ivan Ivanović and Dušan Mrđenović created a menu together with the hottest chef in the region - Vanja Puškar.


The menu sets you back to the time when you' dared endlessly and all were not afraid of anything. Daredevils with skinned knees and bushy hair who indulged in lard and paprika spread on crispy bread have evolved and will not be scared of the frustrations and issues, the "good" cholesterol or melancholy ...


These are for the sissy boys. For our guests, we are preparing aphrodisiacs, the traditional delights of childhood in real male portions, the best cuts of meat and the most sinful desserts.


There are no boundaries.

We created a menu to satisfy your hunger and dominant desire for immediate gratification of instincts and needs. Immediately.


The brutal meats of most respected and indigenous breeds, slowly and carefully tamed to become supple and delicate are our specialty. We won’t deprive your right for satiety, nor condemn your appetite. Your secret desires and sinful pleasures are the orders to us. Whether you need a powerful morning impulse with coffee and breakfast in the greens of Karađorđev Park, a lunch at the unexpected privacy in the middle of the city center or an evening relaxation of your inhibitions next to the graffiti mural that reminds you of the importance of individuality.